Fondue at 'Pair Wine and Cheese' in Cobble Hill



At Pair Wine & Cheese, an Emphasis on Playful and Creative Combinations

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Tradition, “terroir” and a celebration of craftsmanship are central to Chung’s mission for the restaurant. Pair Wine & Cheese does “New World presentations of an Old World mentality”. In this instance not only are most of the ingredients sourced from local Greenmarkets and Long Island’s Green Thumb Farm CSA, but each dish frames the story of the cheese or beverage with playful, creative platings. The menu and “Flight School”, classes offered by Chung at the restaurant on topics such as “Great American Cheeses” or “Italian Cheeses and Wines”, are not so much meals as transcendental meditations on the nature of taste. There is no right or wrong in Chung’s world of pairings, the customer is merely provided with the tools (in this case cheese and wine) to form their own opinions about body and spirit. The rest is down to whatever the customer, cheese-related hang-ups or no, brings to the table.  

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Brooklyn Heights Has a Brilliant New Wine and Cheese Bar



And while its hard to go wrong with wine and cheese in any combination (witness the typical—and not entirely unenjoyable—reception repast of tooth-picked squares of cheddar and plastic tumblers of Yellow Tail Shiraz), Chung’s selections are truly something special—a meticulous balancing act of acid and fat, sugar and salt, terroir and terroir. Take the Selles-sur-Cher, a delicately chalky, salty disc of herbaceous goat cheese, shipped fresh from France’s Loire Valley and then aged in-house, which, when experienced alongside a regional Sauvignon Blanc such as Domaine du Carrou’s Sancerre, simply explodes with profound minerality and citrusy zestiness.

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It's Cheese Addict's Heaven At This Cobble Hill Fromagerie


If you were to combine the best all-star cheese dishes and throw them under one roof you'd get Pair Wine & Cheese, a Cobble Hill restaurant and fromagerie dedicated to all the tastiest ways to get cheese into your body. You've got your grilled cheeses, your fondues, your cheese plates and—be still my heart—your raclettes, the Rolls Royce of melted cheese. Owner Chung Park comes with a series cheese pedigree to boot, having been the maitre fromager at Artisanal, a manager at Murray's and the former owner of Cheese and Wine in Hoboken.

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