Take PAIR Home

Every one of the cheeses and charcuterie that appear on our menu are available for you to take home. We've been around the industry for decades and have selected cheeses that we know you'll find to be uncommonly great!


Nothing impresses guests more than a gorgeous platter of cheese and charcuterie. Look to Pair when entertaining your foodie friends and family.

Choose a nationally themed cheese platter …

  1. The All American: Kunik (Bloomy, NY), Crown Finsih Tubby (Hard, VT), Oma (Washed, VT), and Caveman Blue (Blue, OR)
  2. The Ooh La La: Delice de Bourgogne (Bloomy, Burgundy), Comte Marcel Petit St Antoine (Hard, Jura), Epoisses Berthaut (Washed, Burgundy), Roquefort Papillon (Blue, Causses)
  3. The Mama Mia: Robiola La Tur (Bloomy, Piedmont), Pecorino Mastorazio (Hard, Campagna), Taleggio Gusto Antico (Lombardy, Washed), Gorgonzola (Lombardy, Blue)
  4. The Que Rico: Montenebro (Bloomy Goat, Avila), Manchego Artequeso 12mo (Hard, La Mancha), Zimbro (Soft, Portugal), Peralzola (Blue, Asturias)

Our cheese platters include:

  • Four varieties of handcrafted cheese
  • Tuscan Gallatine crackers
  • Fig & Almond Cake
  • Dried Apricots

We also offer a delicious charcuterie platter ...

  1. The Cure: Bresaola Larchmont Charcuterie, Galloni Prosciutto di Parma 18 month, Salumeria Biellese Hot Sopressata, Castelvetrano Olives, Seasonal Pickled Vegetable, a bag of Tuscan Galletine crackers.


All platters feed 15-20 people and are priced at $100 each. Call us at 718.596.6594 to reserve your holiday platters!